Alternatives To Implant Dentures

Today, most dentists tell their patients that dentures will not work for them unless they have implants surgically placed into their jaws. This leaves them a perfect defense when the patient says my dentures are not functioning satisfactorily. Some dentists go to the extent to tell their patients that if they don’t get implants that their dentures will make their mouth sore and that they will most likely have to take their dentures out when they eat. Yet in today’s technological age, there are more successful implant free techniques than ever before.

In spite of United States dental school’s abandonment of denture training programs, denturists and a small percentage of dentists have made it their goal to acquire advanced knowledge in denture technology and denture care. This knowledge was either acquired through denturist school or through continuing education. Competent denture providers have to be sought out. Some are licensed dentists who have either gotten their denture experience before or after dental school, some are licensed denturists, some work as clinical denture technicians alongside dentists and others, depending on the state in which they live, are forced to work underground.

Regardless of the nature of practice, a good specialized denture practitioner is able to deliver implant free dentures that fit securely, feel comfortable, appear life-like and function well when speaking or eating. There are many well known denture techniques that offer optimum denture success. Even basic denture techniques work well when delivered by skilled practitioners. On the other hand, dentistry usually promotes whatever is profitable for their ranks. They still promote that silver and mercury amalgam restorations are healthy for dental patients. The world is running out of places to dump toxic mercury, but it is oaky to dump it in the mouths of patients. Now it is implants. “Your gums will not shrink or recede if you have dental implants surgically placed into your jaws.” Not true. With implant dentures averaging $15,000 plus, what do you think the driving force is behind the propaganda.

Dental implants are a viable option, but be honest; let patients know that there are other viable options. The other concern about implants is that less than 30 percent of dentists offering them have successful implant track records. Out of that thirty percent only about two percent have the skills to successfully build dentures around those implants. A dentist’s certification by a board of implantology is not evidence that he or she is a skilled denture practitioner. An optimum way to have dentures made in conjunction with dental implants is to patronize a certified denturist and a good implant surgeon simultaneously; some of them work together as a team.